Journal Articles

  • G. Sklivanitis, A. Gannon, K. Tountas, D. A. Pados, S. N. Batalama, S. Reichhart, M. Medley, N. Thawdar, U. Lee, J. Matyjas, S. Pudlewski, A. Drozd, A. Amanna, F. Latus, Z. Goldsmith, D. Diaz “Airborne cognitive networking: Design, development, and deployment,” IEEE Access, special issue on Networks of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Wireless Communications, Applications, Control and Modeling, vol. 6, pp. 47217-47239, Jun. 2018. Open access at IEEE Xplore.

Conference Proceedings

  • D. Chelmins, J. Briones, J. Downey, G. Clark, A. Gannon “Cognitive Communications for NASA Space Systems,” Proc. International Communications Satellite Systems Conference (ICSSC), Okinawa, Japan, Oct. 2019. Open access at NASA NTRS.

  • A. Gannon G. Sklivanitis, P. P. Markopoulos, D. A. Pados, S. N. Batalama, “Semi-Blind Signal Recovery in Impulsive Noise with L1-Norm PCA,” Proc. 52nd Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems, and Computers, Pacific Grove, CA, USA, 2018, pp 477-481 Download Full Text*

  • A. Gannon S. Balakrishnan, G. Sklivanitis, D. A. Pados, S. N. Batalama, “Short Data Record Filtering for Adaptive Underwater Acoustic Communications,” Proc. IEEE Sensor Array and Multichannel Signal Processing Workship (SAM), Sheffield, UK, 2018, pp 316-320. Download Full Text*

Technical Memoranda

  • A. M. Gannon, D. J. Mortensen, M. T. Piasecki, J. A. Downey, “On-Orbit Validation of a Framework for Spacecraft-Initiated Communication Service Requests with NASA’s SCaN Testbed,” Technical Report, 2020-220519, Mar. 2020. Open access at NASA NTRS.


  • A. Gannon, “Adaptive and Intelligent Software-Radio Design for Robust Wireless Communications in Challenging Environments,” Ph.D. Dissertation, Dept. Electrical Eng., SUNY Buffalo, 2018. Download Full Text.

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